Wine Tasting

Try Wine Tour Guide to experience fine wine tours and tastings while visiting Napa Valley, CA and Sonoma County!

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting | Wine Tour Guide - Napa Valley, CA

Use me at Wine Tour Guide for your wine tasting needs. I will take you through the area, guiding you as you taste many different types and styles of wines. Napa Valley is world renowned for developing the finest wines available. By using my services, you will get to experience the many types of wine and see the beautiful countryside.

My firsthand experience working in various wineries makes me an expert in wine tasting. I will explain the different flavors dancing on your taste buds as well as recommend food pairings for different types of wines. Cheese and chocolate are a favorite to pair with wine, and I will show you the best types to complement these.

If you are looking for a particular wine to taste, I can point you in the right direction. By telling me what you like, I will bring you to particular wineries that are sure to please your palate. I try to make your wine tasting experience as personalized as possible and accommodate everyone the group wants.

Wine tasting is only part of the experience. I can take you through some vineyards and explain the different methods of making wine. Napa Valley has a beautiful countryside and this is all part of the wine tasting encounter.

My Wine Tour Guide services are available in the Napa Valley, CA and Sonoma County area. This area is world renowned and a large tourist destination for wine tasting. Let me show you all the best spots as well as be your designated driver. Arrange for a tour by giving me a call today!

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